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Selling your products online can be the most cost effective way to do business, and more and more consumers are preferring to do business this way. eCommerce websites Bedford are easier than ever before to set up and run but there are many pitfalls which I can help you avoid.

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Creating an eCommerce website

Creating an eCommerce website that will be a success starts with good research, looking at existing competitors, their websites, their prices and the potential market, which is something I can help with.

The second pat of creating an eCommerce website is the design and programming. There are many software packages that can create a eCommerce website for you but some are better than others. I have the experience to know which software packages will give you a hassle free experience and which ones will drive you crazy. I also have the technical knowledge to customise them to suit your needs exactly.

The third part of creating of eCommerce website is the marketing, getting people to find your site and get them to buy from it. This includes search engine optimisation and submitting your products to price comparison websites.


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