How to Exclude pages from admin edit pages list

This is a great little snippet that will exclude pages based on the the ID from the admin pages list. Just add this snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress theme and update the array with the page ID’s you wish to hide. Please note this does not stop a post from being editable this snippet only hides the page from view.

How to Change the currency symbol in WooCommerce

In this case its Australian Dollars

Create your own pluggin for your custom theme functions

  1. Firstly, navigate to your WordPress website via FTP
  2. From there, you should navigate to wp-content/plugins
  3. Create a new folder
  4. Create a PHP file with the same name within your plugin’s folder
  5. Insert the following code into your new PHP file

How to remove width and height attributes images in posts

Looking to remove the width and height attributes from images in your posts? Is this because you are using a responsive wordpress theme. Just add this snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress theme and all of the width and height attributes will be removed from your images.

How to display custom field value from next and previous post

Adding this snippet within the loop of your wordpress theme will display the custom field value from the previous and next posts. Just change the CUSTOM_FIELD on line 4 and 5 to the name of the custom field you wish to display.

Add category name to body class of post

Some times you mat need to style posts differently depending on which category they are in. WordPress by default does not add the category to the body class so you need to add this to your themes’ functions.php file or create a plugin for it.


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